5 Imp Questions to Ask Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer


If you are involved in a workplace injury, you deserve fair compensation. Therefore, you must hire a professional compensation lawyer for your case for a fair claim. Before hiring lawyers from Snow, Carpio and Weekley, PLC, you must ask them some questions to make the right choice. In this article, we have listed the top five questions to ask your potential lawyer. So, here we go! 

Questions to ask your worker’s compensation lawyer 

1. What kind of cases does the worker’s compensation lawyer handle?

Before hiring a lawyer, knowing what kind of cases your lawyer handles is important. Different types of cases they handle are: 

  • Accidents at work can involve fallen objects or equipment failures.
  • Some examples of repetitive stress injuries are Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.
  • Skin disorders and respiratory issues brought on by contact with chemicals or dangerous materials can all be considered occupational illnesses.

2. What are the prime duties of a compensation lawyer? 

When you meet a lawyer, ask them about their prime duties. These include:

  • Giving clients legal advice and information about their rights.
  • Drafting and submitting claims for workers’ compensation.
  • Negotiating for their clients’ fair compensation with employers and insurance companies.
  • Defending clients in judicial and administrative processes.
  • Supplying direction and assistance with legal matters during the claims procedure.

3. Do you have any experience working as a lawyer?

If you are injured at your workplace, you need an experienced lawyer. During your consultation, ask your lawyer about their experience. If you feel they have the relevant experience, you must hire them immediately. 

4. How will you handle my case? 

Your attorney needs to be qualified to say all steps involved in your case. Furthermore, they must have a strategy to resolve all complexities. They must be able to outline the general timetable of events for you and describe each step of the workers’ compensation procedure. 

5. What is your fee structure? 

Knowing about the fee structure before you hire them is essential. Certain compensation lawyers charge on a contingency or an hourly rate. The contingency fee basis means the fee is paid after winning the case. Ensure you ask about the fee during the initial consultation for maximum transparency. 

Wrapping up 

By asking these top 5 questions, you can make the right choice. Make sure you choose a highly experienced lawyer for great results. 

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