Tip To Hire A Professional Lawyer


To take care of something very important to you, such as applying for retirement or benefit, it is often necessary to hire specialist professionals with experience who know what they are doing. Today, with the growth of the digital world, before buying or hiring any service, we always search on search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

With this growth of the digital world, the number of hiring over the internet has also increased, and, consequently, the number of victims of fraud or scams. In the same way that there is an increase in the offer of legal services over the internet, the tools and ways to search for that professional who offers the provision of services online have also grown.

This content serves to help you search for information to help you decide between hiring a professional to take care of your future, your INSS benefit, or your long-awaited retirement. Pay close attention to this content! We will teach you how to hire a qualified and safe professional to care for your future. So, let’s go!

Check If You Are A Lawyer

If you’ve searched the internet and been directed to a website, check to see if it’s from a lawyer or law firm. It can be a lawyer who works alone or a law firm, such as kentonslawoffice.com for example. However, all must be registered. To do the research, click on the link above, and you will be forwarded to the page that will open the following screen:

Fill in the fields shown in the image above (attorney name and OAB number). You can ask for the professional’s name and registration number with the Bar Association. Furthermore, there is no reason for a lawyer to hide information from a future client.

In the result of the query on the website, you can see if the searched lawyer has a partnership in any law firm and registration of this partnership with the Bar Association:

The lawyer such as social security overpayment lawyers near me for example is a professional who is registered with the Bar Association. To be a lawyer, a citizen must attend law school and, after passing the examination by the Brazilian Bar Association, qualify to become a lawyer.

Attention, many people completed law school and did not take or were not approved in the Bar Examination. These people are called bachelors. Bachelors are people who have training but do not have qualifications from the Bar Association to practice the profession, that is, to advocate.

Unfortunately, some people claim to be lawyers and offer services to intermediate requests for benefits. They are known as middlemen, pickups, agents, or dispatchers.

IMPORTANT: Several companies offer social security advisory services that are not lawyers or law firms.

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