Working in the US: Get an H-1B visa!


If you are a foreign national with ambitions of working in the United States, you should consider knowing in depth about the H-1B visa. For the unversed, the H-1B visa is meant for foreign professionals holding specialty occupations. If you want to be sure before you apply, your best bet is to contact a Dallas H-1B Visa Attorney, who can guide further. Here are some basic things worth knowing about H-1B Visa. 

Getting the H-1B Visa

There are two basic requirements for applying and getting the H-1B Visa. 

  1. Firstly, the employer in the US must demonstrate the need for someone in a specialty occupation. 
  2. The applicant should have the required degree, or an equivalent for that position.  

If you are the applicant, you are required to have job offer from an employer in the US. You should get a salary that’s equivalent to the market, and for this, your employer must file an attestation, citing that the prevailing wages will be paid, with the Department of Labor. 

Do you need an attorney?

Yes, you do. While this is not mandatory, you definitely need a reliable, well-known attorney who will guide you through the process. Getting through the H-1B Visa process can feel overwhelming, and it makes sense to have an attorney by your side. Your attorney will ensure that there are no lapses or mistakes in your H-1B Visa process, which may impact your ability to earn. 

The process

The first step for getting the H-1B Visa is to be fulfilled by your employer. Your employer will file Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor and file a petition with the USCIS. This particular process will take the longest time, but your employer has the choice to go for premium processing option with the USCIS within 15 days. Note that there is a high demand for H-1B Visa, but there’s also a cap. 

Final word

Work with an experienced and known immigration support team to get through the petition process. While H-1B Visa is the eventual option for foreign nationals who have a valid job offer, completing the due process will take time, and it makes sense that you have an attorney, who will check that due process is followed. Only selected professions qualify for the H-1B Visa, and your lawyer will help in ensuring that you don’t lose out on a job offer, just because you couldn’t follow the steps that are critical for your application. 

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