About working with a criminal defense attorney in Denver


Have you been charged with DUI? Or something more serious such as domestic violence? A criminal charge and further arrest can throw your life off the track, and it makes sense to find all your options as soon as possible. Talking to a couple different criminal defense lawyers in Denver would probably be ideal. Every lawyer has his/her own approach for the case. Many lawyers may choose to wait and see how the cops and attorneys put a case together, while others will ensure that no time is wasted and most important decisions are made right after the client’s arrest. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to work with a criminal defense attorney in Denver. 

Do you really need a lawyer?

Yes, absolutely. The judicial system works in a specific way, and anything you say or do after getting arrested will have consequences. An experienced attorney is your best resource for knowing the steps that may help in reducing the sentence or getting the charges dropped, depending on the circumstances. Studies show that defendants are more likely to get released on bail when they go to the court with a criminal defense attorney for the first appearance. The amount of bail may also get reduced when you have a lawyer by your side. 

Ask the right questions

When you meet an attorney for the first time, there are a few basic questions that you must ask. 

  1. How long have you been practicing as a criminal defense attorney?
  2. Do you work with private criminal investigators for further investigation?
  3. Will you handle the case personally?

Unlike personal injury cases, where many lawyers work on a contingency basis, this is not how things work for criminal cases. Most criminal defense attorneys will either work on an hourly rate or will have a flat fee. If you can afford a lawyer in the first place, make sure that they are the one working for you, and not a junior from their firm. 

Cooperation and trust

It is absolutely important for a client to trust the criminal defense attorney they have hired. If you are wondering whether the lawyer will work in your interest, just remember that they do have a track record to maintain. As their client, you have to cooperate at every step and ensure that you get the support that you deserve from your lawyer. 

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