Can My Boss Fire Me For Coming Late?


Most certainly, being irregular and not on time might not have very serious consequences, but the result might vary from place to place. In most cases, the final decision of firing an employee is in the hands of the employer one such firm is Strianese Huckert, LLP, which, in general, takes being punctual and being on time very seriously to maintain a very organic and healthy work environment for their employees. Additionally, they help them attain discipline and motivation for work. The result of you being fired or not may depend on the following aspects

The effect it causes on the workplace

When you are consistently late and not punctual, Whenever you enter your workplace, you unknowingly break the rhythm and flow of your fellow mates. This may lead to delayed project finishing and not meeting your deadline. Due to this, both your colleagues and you may have to face your employees.

Policy of your company

Punctuality is one of the most basic aspects of any company. Even while hiring an employee, the interviewer takes a glance at your body language to get an idea about your behavior. So if you are not being punctual and always late, the company may take strict actions and follow the book.

Communication with your employee

At the end of the day, it is the employer you have to deal with. If you are on good terms with your employee, the employer may just overlook your impunctuality a couple of times, but if this becomes a habit, the employer is ought to get angry and is in the position to hire you.

Suitable stepped discipline

Rather than immediately terminating and firing you, most of the employees would progressively try to discipline you and make you understand how bad being late can be. They usually might give you warnings and ultimatums and take some compensation from your salary to ensure that this kind of behavior is not acceptable.

In conclusion, whether or not your employer can fire you for just being late depends on several factors which were mentioned above. Other than that, there are several laws dealing with this same situation, and they may vary from place to place. You should be aware of those rules and abide by them, maintain a good relationship with your employer, and communicate and tell them if you are facing any issues in being punctual.

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