Car Accidents Can Injure Your Shoulders: Know Why You Should Seek Immediate Treatment


Even a minor car accident can seriously damage your shoulders. If you are suffering from shoulder pain following a vehicle accident, you must not take your condition lightly. You should see a doctor immediately before your injury gets worse. Depending on how serious your injury is, your doctor may require you to use a sling, get physical therapy, or undergo surgery. 

If your accident occurred because another driver was negligent, you must speak with an experienced idaho car accident attorney to help you seek compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. Read on to know that most common shoulder injuries car accident victims may sustain and what they can following a collision:

Shoulder Injuries that Can be Suffered Because of a Car Accident

Because your shoulder’s inner workings are complex, they can easily get injured in a car crash. The following are the most common shoulder injuries you may suffer in this type of accident:

  • Torn rotator cuffs. Your rotator cuffs have tendons and muscles that can easily tear in a forceful impact during a collision. If you have a rotator cuff, you may experience serious pain when you move your arm or lift something. Also, your shoulder may feel weak and your arm will have a limited range of motion. 
  • Torn shoulder joint. This injury can leave you suffering from pain in the shoulder when you perform strenuous activities, such as reaching upwards. limiting range of motion in your arm, and shoulder weakness. 
  • Fractures. If your accident was quite serious, your shoulder bones can break or fracture because of the impact. A broken or fractured shoulder bone will cause shoulder pain every time you move it, as well as swelling and tenderness.

Getting Immediate Medical Attention After a Car Crash

If you sustained a shoulder injury because of a collision, you must see a doctor immediately. Even if you only have minor shoulder pain, you could be suffering from a serious underlying problem. When left untreated, your shoulder pain can get worse. 

Typically, if you have a torn rotator cuff or shoulder joint, you may need physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicines. You may have to undergo surgery if your tears are serious. In addition, if you have a minor fracture, you may have to use a sling to immobilize your shoulder as your body heals the break. More serious fractures may require surgery to bring together the bone fragments and repair your affected shoulder. 

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