After a car accident, victims commonly suffer injuries, including internal injuries. Unfortunately, internal injuries do not usually manifest obvious symptoms. Because of this, a sufferer may not know they have the injuries until they are medically evaluated. Internal bleeding is an internal injury that can only be detected with a medical examination. If you have undergone a medical exam and been diagnosed with an internal injury, you should start working on getting compensation for your injury. This is where you need Los Angeles car accident attorneys to help you navigate the legalities of your claim. 

Kinds of Internal Injuries

When a car crash happens, different points of impact can occur. Vehicles have a substantial force and momentum as they move at different speeds. The seriousness of the impact and the injuries that victims may sustain can depend on speed and other factors. But, victims may suffer internal injuries such as internal bleeding, broken or fractured bones, organ damage, brain bleeding, and traumatic brain injuries. The sooner a victim gets a medical exam, the sooner their injury can be treated. 

How to Know You Have Internals Injuries

Although injuries sustained in a car accident may be hard to detect, they may present symptoms such as the following:

  • Pain. Car crashes that involve high impact can harm internal organs, resulting in severe complications. Victims can feel pain or tenderness in certain areas. 
  • Nausea. Car accident victims may feel nauseous after the crash because of different factors. If they vomit, this could mean something is wrong, particularly if the vomit has blood. 
  • Feeling cold. Internal bleeding makes a person feel cold because this can impact their body temperature. 
  • Bruising. Serious bruising can indicate internal bleeding and must be examined and monitored by a doctor right away.

Compensation You can Seek

If you suffered injuries after being in a car crash that resulted from somebody else’s carelessness or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. This compensation can cover your medical costs that include ongoing medical care, lost wages (current and future), as well as pain and suffering. Lehi car accident lawyer will make sure you will receive the full compensation you need.

After a car crash, you should prioritize your safety. Once you are safe, check your injuries and call 911. When the police arrive at the crash scene, provide your version of what took place. Then, seek medical care even if you feel fine. Once you have gotten a medical evaluation, call your lawyer to help you file a car accident claim.